Sep 16, 2020|

JD Health to Construct “Internet + Medical Health” Ecosystem in Suzhou


by Hui Zhang

JD Health will help construct an “Internet + Medical Health” ecosystem in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, by signing a partnership agreement with the health commission of Taicang County and Suzhou branch of Agricultural Bank of China, as announced on Sept. 15th.

According to the agreement, JD Health will work with Taicang’s health commission to build an “Internet + Medical Union” by organizing local hospitals and medical institutes to promote the realization of internet hospital, data/information sharing, medical alleviation through internet, and more.

According to the agreement, JD Health will work with Taicang’s health commission to build an “Internet + Medical Union”

JD Health will take advantage of its technology strength to help Taicang’s major hospitals including the First People’s Hospital of Taicang, and TCM Hospital of Taicang to construct online hospitals, making it easy for local residents to seek for professional consultation through the Taicang Health Commission website, JD’s online hospital and WeChat. JD Health is also committed to integrating AI technology into local hospitals’ information management system to optimize the clinical prescription process, and make it convenient for people to buy medicine wherever they are.

More importantly, the construction of an “internet + medical health” ecosystem will also benefit people in need. JD will help build a medical poverty alleviation platform through which the local health commission will organize medical experts to offer remote consultation, and share their medical knowledge to help those who lack medical resources.

“JD Health, as a leader in China’s medical health field, has mature medical service capabilities and a track record of cooperation with many different governments across China, which is of great importance to supply integration and reasonable allocation of resources,” said Wenwei Lu, director of Taicang’s Health Commission.

“The cooperation between JD Health and Taicang County will cover all scenarios of ‘internet + medical health’,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

“Both sides will take advantage of JD’s technology including AI, big data, IoT, and rely on Taicang’s medical resources and JD Health’s ecosystem. Our cooperation will also further accelerate the digital upgrading of the urban health industry and promote the realization of national digital ‘medical new infrastructure’.”

On the same day, JD Health and Suzhou branch of Agricultural Bank of China also agreed to explore cooperation to build an “internet + finance + health” ecosystem.

Both sides are expected to cooperate on medical insurance payment, online medical projects promotion to the bank’s consumers, personal healthcare credits, and loans to merchants on the JD Medicine Procurement platform.