Aug 12, 2020|

JD to Deliver Admission Notices for 100+ Colleges


by Yuchuan Wang

Marking the second year for JD Logistics to ensure the delivery of college admission notices, this year the company has collaborated with over 100 universities and is expected to deliver more than 100,000 notices to students.

As of now, the first batch of 1,613 notices from a Nanjing-based university has already been delivered by JD.

Zhang Zhong, is one of the students received his notice from this university on August 9th. “I jumped for joy when I received the call from a JD courier,” said Zhang.

JD Logistics has made a special plan for the delivery of admission notices. Each package attaches a unique label of “university document”, and the whole delivery process is transparent and can be traced. Customized waterproof packaging also ensures the secure delivery of every single admissions notice.

This year, China kicked off the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), commonly known as the “Gaokao” (高考) on July 7th.