Oct 27, 2020|

JD to Partner with 10K Electric Scooter Stores, Expanding Omnichannel Efforts


by Kelly Dawson

During this year’s Singles Day promotion period, JD is partnering with electric scooter brands including Niu and Merida to support integration with 10,000 offline stores, as part of JD’s expansion of omnichannel efforts. Now, shoppers will be able to conveniently access a variety of options for purchasing an electric scooter, both online and offline.

For customers shopping for a scooter, the previous divide between online and offline channels has often been limiting. Shopping purely online means a wider range of products, and the convenience and ease of one-click purchase—but many consumers are reluctant to take the plunge without giving the scooter a test drive. Additionally, delivery of a scooter can drive up the total cost, thanks to higher delivery fees based on weight. On the other hand, visiting a store in person offers no guarantees that their desired model will be available on site.

With JD’s new omnichannel approach, a customer can choose to see a product in person at one of 10,000 offline partner brand stores—and then order it online later if they need to give the purchase further consideration. Or if they’re already certain of the scooter they want to purchase, they can order it online first, and then be directed to an offline store in their area to pick it up at their convenience.

The omnichannel approach has become increasingly popular across industries. Already applied with success by JD Supermarket, omnichannel will enable JD Sports to break the barriers of channels and categories, to leverage all kinds of online and offline scenarios and reach customers repeatedly, to improve the effect of marketing campaigns. The program will also expand beyond first-tier cities to reach customers in small and medium-sized cities, with the same affordable prices and services.