Sep 30, 2020|

JD Unveils Data-Driven Marketing Methodology


by Martin Li

JD has unveiled a data-driven marketing methodology to help brands increase total customers.

The methodology is named JD GOAL, with G referring to the target group; O referring to osmosis, as in tapping growth potential in the target group; A referring to advancing customer value; and L referring to increasing customer loyalty.

The methodology is aimed at helping brands conduct more efficient marketing to achieve growth, with the help of JD’s rich data and insights on its over 400 million active users.

More than ten well-known brands have partnered with JD in applying this marketing methodology, including L’Oréal, Swisse, OLAY, Casino, Head & Shoulders, SK-II, Microsoft and OPPO.

Unilever employed the methodology before JD’s super brand campaign in August, categorizing its customers into different groups, including young people and families in smaller towns and middle-class people in cities. Then it applied differentiated marketing strategies. As a result, its marketing ROI targeting core customers grew by 68%.

Chinese dairy product maker Yili’s Jindian brand used the JD GOAL marketing methodology in its campaign on JD Super in August, engaging customers via channels like campus, livestream and JD’s offline stores. The number of buyers increased by 77% during the campaign.