Sep 30, 2020|

JDers Awarded “Most Beautiful Couriers”


by Ling Cao

JD won two awards in the recent “Most Beautiful Courier” competition organized by China Post News and overseen by the State Post Bureau. The company’s Wuhan Asia No. 1 Cargo Fleet was among 5 courier teams industry-wide to win the award; and JD’s Pinglai Liu was among 14 couriers to receive the honor.

While the award title includes “beautiful,” it means beauty and warmth of heart.

The award ceremony was held on September 29th in Beijing, in recognition of the hard work of China’s over 4 million couriers, who deliver more than 200 million parcels per day. Their work was particularly meaningful during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year.

As one of the select individual couriers to receive the award, Liu has been working in Zhaotong City, Yunnan province for over five years. During his time as a courier he has faced many different conditions, even navigating slippery mountain roads to send villagers to distant villages.

Because of his consistent doorstep delivery service, Liu has established closed relationships with local customers. “I remembered one snowy day, there was a vast expanse of snow and ice, and people were easily skidding on the road. My customer called me immediately and asked me to send the parcel on a later day after the snow had melted. I was so moved that customers care and understand us even though they normally hope to get the parcel in time.”

Nowadays road conditions have improved in Zhaotong City, and Liu doesn’t need to navigate treacherous roads for delivery. But he still provides help to others whenever he can. For example, he had carried elderly people across the river during flooding. Liu said, “This is not just an award on the surface. I want to provide the best service to local villagers so that they can enjoy the same type of convenience as people in big cities.”

As one of the 5 teams that won the award, JD’s Wuhan Asia No. 1 Cargo Fleet includes 99 couriers and drivers, who provided non-stop transportation and delivery service during the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, ensuring the livelihood of many. In total, they delivered 6,000 tons of daily necessities to local people at the height of the outbreak.

One young driver from the fleet, Mingguang Yang, said, “We didn’t have time to think otherwise. We simply thought we could reunite with our families on next Chinese New Year’s Day. For this year’s Spring Festival, we had work to do to provide support during this difficult period.”