Sep 30, 2020|

JD & South Korean Ambassador to China Promote Korean Products


by Rachel Liu

The South Korean Embassy in China held an opening ceremony for the Online Exhibition of South Korean products at the Korean Cultural Center in Beijing on September 29th. JD Worldwide participated the event as a key invitee of the embassy.

Jason Jiang, director of merchant management and operations of JD Worldwide discussed in a closed-door session with the South Korean Ambassador to China, Mr. Jang Ha-sung, on introducing more South Korean products to China.

“The economic ties between South Korea and China have been affected by COVID-19,” said Ambassador Jang. “We hope to better support South Korean enterprises to enter the Chinese market through holding this event.”

Jiang introduced JD’s plan to better promote South Korean products on JD Worldwide

In the discussion, Jiang introduced JD’s plan to better promote South Korean products on JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, including promoting the brands through exhibitions during the upcoming Singles Day (November 11th) promotion and the co-building of the South Korean National Pavilion on JD Worldwide. JD will also work more closely with organizations such as the Korean International Trade Association (KITA) and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) to better introduce South Korean brands.

“Chinese consumers have always been very passionate about South Korean products, especially beauty products and snacks,” said Jiang. “JD Worldwide would love to be the gateway for South Korean brands to enter the Chinese market. We provide comprehensive support for brands from store launching, operations to marketing campaigns. JD’s customer insights will help the brands get a deeper understanding of the market. We hope to help the brands achieve healthy and sustainable growth on JD Worldwide.”

JD has been ramping up efforts to introduce more South Korean brands to Chinese consumers, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Many brands have developed successfully on the platform. Take popular beauty brand JM Solution for example: Since it joined JD in October 2018, the brand has accumulated over 1 million customers and sold 2.5 million boxes of facial masks. Even during Q1 2020, the height of COVID-19, sales of the brand still increased 83% y-o-y. The brand also debuted its new sleep mask on JD Worldwide. Ninety days after the product launch, sales on JD accounted for 93% of the total sales of the mask on all channels.

When COVID-19 caused difficulties for some overseas brands entering the Chinese market, JD adapted by taking business development events online for South Korean brands. On May 20th, JD Worldwide worked with KITA to hold the first-of-the-year brand recruiting conference to introduce the process and policies required for launching on JD Worldwide, and the support that the platform can provide. Over 250 Korean brands joined this online event.

On July 1st, the two sides joined hands with LG International, the company under LG Group that focuses on trade, to leverage their supply chain and logistics advantages to provide more convenience for South Korean brands to develop in China through JD Worldwide.