Oct 29, 2020|

JD Upgrades Asia No.1 Fulfillment Center in Zhengzhou


by Yuchuan Wang

Just ahead of Singles Day, JD has upgraded its Zhengzhou Asia No.1 fulfillment center that the sorting center in it is now highly automated. Located in the provincial capital of Henan province which has nearly 100 million population and is the third most-populous province in China, the fulfillment center will enable more consumers in the region receive orders the same day they’ve placed them.

With an area of over 460,000 square meters, the upgraded Zhengzhou Asia No.1 fulfillment center can stock nearly 20 million small- and mid-sized and 300,000 bulky items. Its highly automated sorting center is able to handle one million orders a day – five times more efficient than a traditional sorting center.

In the automated pick-up area, more than 100 “Dilang” AGVs (automated ground vehicles) researched in-house by JD Logistics are applied to facilitate pickers. The AGVs increase the efficiency of picking by three times.

In addition to serving JD’s first-party retail business, the fulfillment center is also open to external merchants. So far, the Zhengzhou Asia No.1 fulfillment center serves tens of thousands of external merchants. JD Logistics has also signed partnerships with Yadu Group, a Henan based medical equipment manufacturer and Jinju Technology, a Geely-backed auto aftermarket company, to provide smart warehousing and omnichannel supply chain services.

“Located in the Central China region, Zhengzhou is an important transportation hub and is of great significance for the national economy and logistics development. Upgrading the Zhengzhou Asia No.1 is also imperative for JD Logistics’ lower-tier markets program,” said Haifeng Li, head of JD Logistics branch in Henan. “It serves as the infrastructure to ensure fast delivery in lower-tier cities and rural area. More and more consumers will be able to receive their orders on the same day after ordering online.”

JD started building its first automated logistics fulfillment center in Shanghai in July 2009. By October 2020, the company operates 30 Asia No.1 projects across China. As the name indicates, the plan was to build the largest scale and most advanced network of e-commerce logistics centers in Asia.