Oct 29, 2020|

JD Logistics Wins National Awards for Fight Against COVID-19


by Robin Luo

JD Logistics has won two national awards for its contribution to the fight against COVID-19 recently.

First, 11 employees from JD Logistics won the Excellent Individual Award; second, 3 JD Logistics teams, namely the Beijing vegetable and fruit transportation team, the Wuhan Jiangjun delivery station and Hainan distribution center, won the Team Excellency Award, granted by the Ministry of Transportation of the People’s Republic of China.

Portrait of JD Workers, COVID-19 Fighters

Feng Xuetian, is head of the cold chain transportation team of JD Logistics’ Southern China branch. On Jan. 24th, the Traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve, when every household in China was enjoying family reunions, Feng parted from his family and rushed more than 600 miles overnight, all the way from Guangzhou to Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19.

At that time, Wuhan had just announced citywide lockdown. To make sure the medical supplies delivered in time, Feng raced against clock on the road. On the next day at around 2:00 p.m., Feng showed up on time at an expressway checkpoint and handed the supplies to local medics. He managed to cut the original itinerary by more than five hours.

Yao Hui, a JD truck driver in Xinjiang, threw himself into the fight against COVID-19. He was tasked with delivering medical equipment, electrical appliances and quilts to designated hospitals in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang.

Fang Yong, head of the JD’s Hubei supply transportation team, volunteered to support on the frontlines when the epidemic situation was still critical. He sent vegetables to residents isolated at home, and called on colleagues to donate food and other life necessities to areas short of supplies.

Fight Epidemic with the Strength of the Group

The Wuhan Jiangjun delivery station’s location proved critical during the lockdown. Three kilometers to the east, is Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, one of the major designated hospitals to receive patients infected with COVID-19, and two kilometers to the west, sits one of the largest residential communities in the city.

The delivery station was at the heart of the storm. Yet, fearlessly, the 12 members of the station stick to their post. They handled twice the amount of parcels than usual, and delivered them to hospitals and local residents.

When Beijing reported a cluster of new COVID-19 cases related to the Xinfadi wholesale market in June, JD Logistics joined hands with a few companies to safeguard supply of food and daily necessities. As of early July, JD’s Beijing vegetable and fruit supply transportation team delivered nearly 4,000 tons of vegetables and fruits, making every effort to ensure that fresh and safe agricultural products were available in Beijing even as the key wholesale markets were shut down.

Hainan distribution center, had been working relentlessly throughout the epidemic. At the time, road were closed, villages were shut down, residents were in dire needs of daily necessities. The distribution center, though understaffed, assumed the task of delivering medical equipment and daily necessities for the whole province.

In addition, JD Logistics also won the “Team Excellency Award” from the Hubei provincial government, as announced at a ceremony in Wuhan in September. At the peak of the epidemic, JD leaned on its supply chain and technology capabilities to restructure its fulfillment network in order to ensure the livelihoods of people in Wuhan. The company also deployed autonomous delivery robots to provide contactless last mile delivery services in the city.