Aug 15, 2019|

JD Worldwide Expands Partnership with Leading ANZ region milk brand, a2

JD Worldwide has recently expanded its strategic partnership with The a2 Milk Company, the renowned ANZ region dairy brand. The strengthened partnership will see JD help a2 Milk bring more high-quality dairy products to the Chinese market through tailored marketing campaigns in both online and offline channels, and the exploration of more innovative marketing strategies.

In 2015, a2 Milk chose JD Worldwide as the first online platform to launch its first party store in China and introduce its world-famous milk powder products to the Chinese market. China is the top priority market for a2 Milk, and many Chinese parents have become customers of the company’s milk formula, which is designed to be easier for children to digest.

Over the past 4 years, JD has leveraged its unique insights into the Chinese market and consumer preferences to provide a2 Milk with customized marketing solutions, increasing the brand’s recognition among Chinese consumers. On June 18 this year, the peak day of’s annual 18-day “6.18” anniversary sales festival, a2 Milk was the top-selling brand on JD Worldwide, and the brand’s platinum baby milk powder was the best-selling product. Sales of a2 products on the day increased 210% compared to the previous year.

Earlier this year, a2 Milk was a participant in’s “Brand Competitiveness Plan,” a one-month program which is an extension of JD’s previous Super Brand Day program, and provides brands with comprehensive marketing solutions to increase sales performance and build up brand recognition. Marketing solutions offered through this initiative include guidance on marketing campaign timing, choice of promotional channels, and help in identifying the target audience for a campaign. On every day of the one-month long campaign for a2 Milk, JD helped the company identify a group of customers who had indicated interest in a2 products within a specific period of time but had not yet made an order. Coupons were then sent to these high potential customers. The ROI of coupons during the month of the campaign was 3.6 times higher than the typical average, and fans of the a2 Milk online store on JD Worldwide surpassed 1 million users.

 “China is the top growth market for The a2 Milk Company, and’s expertise in innovative marketing has consistently allowed us to make the most of this exciting opportunity,” said Xiao Li, CEO of a2 Greater China. “Last year, we launched blockchain partnership with JD, using a QR code on a2 Milk products to show logistics information at every stage of delivery. This is just one of the ways we are working together to give customers more peace of mind and confidence in their purchases.”

“The a2 Milk Company’s premium dairy products are an increasingly popular choice for Chinese parents across the country,” said Chris Cui, Head of JD Worldwide. “As China’s largest retailer, JD has unique capabilities to offer a2 Milk assistance in terms of marketing solutions, logistics and technology, helping a2 continue to grow their market share.”

With a reputation for safety and quality, products from Australia and New Zealand have consistently sold well on, with health supplements, maternal and baby products, wine, milk and cosmetics among the best-selling categories. In addition to a2 Milk, popular brands including Swisse, Blackmores, Devondale, Penfolds and Jacob’s Creek have also seen impressive growth in sales on the JD platform, with sales of Penfolds products increasing by more than 200% yoy during the first 30 minutes on June 18th.