Mar 11, 2020|

JD Worldwide Supports Overseas Merchants Affected by COVID-19


by Rachel Liu and Tracy Yang

On March 10th, JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, announced supportive measures for overseas merchants as they weather COVID-19 from their markets.

Support includes marketing operations, new store launches, warehouse and logistics services and merchant management, especially for the merchants in countries and regions that are severely impacted by the epidemic.

The spread of COVID-19 outside of China has caused challenges for cross-border businesses and merchants in manufacturing, logistics, and after-sales service. To help merchants overcome these difficulties and better develop in the China market, JD Worldwide will provide support in marketing solutions and traffic to increase sales and improve inventory turn-over. During the upcoming sales promotion to be held from March to April, JD Worldwide will also provide special marketing support for merchants from affected countries, especially Japan, South Korea and Italy. The support also includes fresh food, which has a shorter life span and faces greater risk of expiry if overstocking occurs.

For overseas merchants who want to launch on JD Worldwide, JD Worldwide will provide a special channel to help them speed up the launching process. These merchants can launch a store in as fast as five days with the requisite qualifications. JD Worldwide also prioritizes bringing the most-needed products during the epidemic, such as medical and health products, maternal and baby products, food and beverage, and electronics products to meet customers’ increasing demand.

In terms of logistics, JD Worldwide will provide special support to virus-affected countries and regions, such as opening a green channel for new merchants to enter the warehouse for the first time, giving priority to the delivery of overseas products. In order to have enough inventory for Japanese and Korean merchants ahead of the upcoming promotions, JD’s Qingdao bonded warehouse will also provide two months rent-free service and fee reduction for transportation between bonded warehouses for newly signed Japanese and South Korean merchants.

On February 11th, JD Worldwide has announced that from February 11th to March 31st, it will provide support for merchants who uses JD’s international warehouse and logistics services, including logistics subsidies, advertising subsidies, traffic and accurate recommendation support and priority during sales promotions. JD Worldwide will also leverage its advantages in global supply chain to help merchants through the epidemic and has actively worked with overseas suppliers to ensure the supply of masks and disinfectants.

The demand for high-quality imported products has been increasing during the epidemic. From February 1st to March 9th, the sales volume of milk powder increased by 230% on JD Worldwide. The sales volume of the products aiding immunity, like probiotics, Vitamin C, and others increased by 166%.