Jun 23, 2022|

JD618: Three Consumption Trends of China’s Pet Market


by Vivian Yang

The pet care market in China is growing rapidly despite generally tapered consumer spending amid the COVID resurgence in the first half of 2022. The new generation of pet foods, intelligent gadgets and online vet consultations are three key growth points according to JD Pet’s Consumption Trends Report 2022 released on May 30th, and such trends continue to develop during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion.

Freeze-dried food, raw diet and baked food products that feature better nutrition and tastes have become the most popular pet foods during the shopping festival. JD’s data showed that sales of freeze-dried food in the first 10 minutes of JD Super’s Promotion Day on June 6th exceeded the whole day’s sales on the same day last year.

The shopping frenzy is supported by JD’s assured customer services including a 30-day price guarantee. More than 680,000 pet products from over 550 brands such as Royal, navarch and Pure&Natural, joined the price guarantee program, covering almost all pet product categories.

JD Pet’s data on June 1st, the first day of the shopping festival, revealed that intelligent gadgets for cats including smart self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic feeders and watering supplies achieved 141 percent growth; and searches of automated feeders and watering supplies also increased over 149 percent and 163 percent respectively during the 618 shopping festival.

The report shows that people under 30 accounts for nearly 50 percent of smart pet gadgets. High-tech products help them pamper their furry friends in a more efficient way even while they are away from home. At the same time, people above 50 take up an increasing percentage of smart product buyers, with the transaction volume from them growing at 65 percent rate YoY.

JD Health’s online vet consultation service saw over 60 percent month-over-month increase in terms of the total number of consultations during the 618 shopping festival. By clicking the “ask a vet” button on JD’s App, users can easily access professional guidance on any pet care-related questions. JD users find it convenient and trustworthy to ask doctors via JD Health online before making their pet’s health supply orders. In such a way, minor problems in pets’ digestion, fur, ears, eyes, and noses can be treated and prevented in a timely and tailored way.

To date, JD Health’s online vet hospital is connected with over 5,000 certified vets who provide 24/7 consultation services. This April, it became the first internet pet hospital in China that passed the ISO 9001 quality management systems standard.