Nov 27, 2020|

JDD Series: Chinese National TV: Digitalization Benefits Healthcare Industry


by Ling Cao

“Now there are 900 internet hospitals in China. The remote medical service network covers over 24,000 medical institutions in all the prefecture-level cities. Many people have experienced how digitalization will influence and change the medical and healthcare industry,” Chinese National TV (CCTV) reported from JDD, JD’s 4th annual tech summit held on Nov. 25th in Beijing.

Hui Fan, general manager of JD Health’s marketing department, told CCTV in an interview: “We are exploring how to build the Family Doctor protocol in China, as Chinese people tend to select specialists when they face potential illness.” Fan said that JD aims to serve 50 million families in the next five years.

Hui Fan talks to National TV

One Beijing customer Pu Chen used the JD Family Doctor program in August. Chen described his problem online through JD’s platform, mentioning he had red dots on his arms. JD’s healthcare guide then recommended him to a professional dermatologist. Chen had a more detailed discussion with the doctor via text and photo messages.

Chen said, “It’s very convenient and saved me a lot of time.”

Qingjun Lu, director of the National Telemedicine and Connected Health Center shared, “The future development of the healthcare industry involves leveraging internet technology and AI to help medical institutions improve medical resource usage efficiency, and make increased convenience for patients.”

As one of the fastest-growing internet healthcare platforms in China, JD Internet hospital is already contracted with over 68,000 practicing physicians on its platform. JD Health has also recruited over 300 full-time doctors working as the core team for the JD Family Doctor services.