Nov 9, 2022|

JDDJ and The J Shop Join Hands with HLA


by Yiming Yan

JD Daojia(JDDJ) and The J Shop recently announced that they will cooperate with HLA, also known as Heilan Home, enabling 754 HLA stores to launch on JDDJ and Shop Now to provide consumers with efficient delivery services.

The three parties will work with each other by giving full play to their advantages in commodities, digital marketing, traffic management and logistics, so as to provide omni-channel digital solutions for HLA and hasten the digital upgrading of offline stores.

With the help of JD’s established and efficient logistics system, HLA will work closely with JDDJ and Shop Now to boost the full-process service from customization to automated production to rapid delivery, to improve the timeliness of logistics while also lowering costs.

In addition, the two enterprises will intensify their collaboration in building the traffic ecosystem. By improving the online flow conversion rate of stores, 5000 HLA stores will achieve the integrated mode of online advertisement and offline implementation.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Retail noted, “We will work with thousands of offline stores of HLA to provide fulfillment service for JD users, bringing a novel shopping experience with delivery as fast as one hour. We will partner with more key brands to co-build the JD intra-city mindset.”

It is expected that by the end of this year, more than 3000 HLA stores will be launched on JDDJ and Shop Now, and the service will cover all 5000 HLA stores by next year.