Nov 9, 2022|

JD Logistics Operates 700 Delivery Robots to Serve This Singles’ Day


by Yuchuan Wang

During this Singles’ Day, JD Logistics is operating 600 autonomous outdoor delivery robots and 100 indoor delivery robots in China to provide last-mile delivery services. On November 1, orders fulfilled by robots increased 300% compared with last year.

The application of robots not only provides flexible delivery options for customers but also enables supermarkets to offer on-demand delivery more easily. Now, JD’s delivery robot system has been deployed by some Sam’s Club and SEVEN FRESH stores to fulfill on-demand omni-channel orders.

This September, JD Logistics started cooperating with Shunyi Zhongguancun Garden to use such robots on public roads in Shunyi district in Beijing. In Beijing’s Shougang Industrial Park, a key venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics, last-mile delivery robots and mobile retail robots that are equipped with cold storage system are both in operating. Indoor delivery robots are used in malls and office buildings in over 10 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.

As the first company to apply Level-4 autonomous driving technology for delivery at large scale, technologies including high-precision positioning, sensor fusion and perception, simulation, IoT and more are adopted. Each robot can load up to 200 kilograms of goods and drive 100 kilometers per charge.