Mar 23, 2021|

JD’s Cherry Blossom-themed Boxes Deliver Spring Greetings from Wuhan


by Vivian Yang

As Wuhan kicks off its cherry blossom festival in March, JD Logistics is distributing special delivery boxes emblazoned with cherry blossom designs for local residents to express seasonal greetings to their friends around the country when sending gifts.

Co-designed with Wuhan’s Administration for Culture and Tourism, the delivery boxes serve as an invitation to visit Wuhan during its most beautiful season, with scenes of the city’s signature cherry blossoms, the Yellow Crane Tower on the bank of the Yangtze River, and more.

“We also noticed that many local people are using the boxes to send gifts to those medial workers who came from different places to Wuhan last year to help the city fight against COVID-19,” Guangle Ren, head of Central China Region of JD Logistics said. “JD’s cherry blossom-themed boxes serve as a nice link for Wuhan people to express their gratitude.”

In addition, by scanning the QR code on the delivery boxes, people can explore more information about the scenic spots of Wuhan via their mobile phones.

JD Logistics has distributed 100,000 of the cherry blossom-themed boxes to its delivery stations in Wuhan since Mar. 10. These boxes are also offered for free in Wuhan’s cherry blossom-themed flash bazaar from Mar. 20 to 24, which is held on Jianghan Road, one of the city’s busiest streets and one of the longest pedestrian roads in the world.

“I find the cherry-themed delivery box very meaningful, so I bought a piggy bank for my sister in Henan province, and will use this box to send it to her,” said a young woman who went shopping at the bazaar, during an interview with Hubei TV last Sunday.

A tourist told Hubei TV that JD’s special delivery box is a meaningful way to carry her gift  

“We came up with the idea of cherry blossom-themed delivery boxes to symbolize the sincerity and warm welcome of Wuhan’s people, giving them a chance to convey spring wishes to their friends around the country,” said Ren.

A series of cultural and tourism promotion events will be carried out in Wuhan during the cherry blossom period from mid-March to early April, including a cherry blossom appreciation festival, Yangtze River lighting show and more, which signifies that the city that was once the coronavirus epicenter has fully recovered and is open for tourism.