Jan 12, 2021|

JD’s Courier on National TV: Contribute to Shijiazhuang during COVID-19


by Ling Cao

Chinese National TV reported this morning that while many enterprises have suspended production in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, the current epicenter, due to COVID-19, delivery and express industry remain operational, ensuring people’s livelihoods.

Ms. Yachan Wu, a courier at JD’s Luancheng delivery station in Shijiazhuang, told National TV, “During this tough time, everyone who enters our station needs to have their temperatures checked and clothing disinfected. We also disinfect packages.”

Yachan Wu

Wu is a mom of two kids and takes on a lot of responsibility at work. She said, “Many of my clients are waiting for orders purchased on JD, most of which are daily necessities. If nobody wants to continue the job, then who will do the deliveries?” Her persistence has moved many clients, and they have sent her masks and food to provide support.

Mr. Yan Zhou, a courier based in the Mingzhu delivery station in Shijiazhuang is another example of a courier who has remained on the road during the outbreak. Zhou said that he previously needed 15 minutes to deliver from the station to one residential compound, but now he only needs 10 minutes because there are less people and cars on the road.