Sep 18, 2018|

JD’s JDesigner Boutique Brings British Fashion to China, China’s largest retailer, is bridging the gap between the UK fashion industry and Chinese fashionistas again this year as the company sponsors three Chinese London-based designers, Huishan Zhang, Xuzhi Chen and Xiao Li, allowing them to launch sales of their forward-thinking designs.

Selected designs from their highly anticipated collections, will be available on JD’s JDesigner Boutique platform. Launched in June this year, JDesigner Boutique provides the latest designers’ creations directly to China’s fashion savvy consumers.

“With JDesigner Boutique, JD has once again brought fashion and technology together. It allows our brand a level of direct access to fans in China that would never have been possible in the past,” said designer Xuzhi Chen, who is quickly building a strong international profile through his own brand XU ZHI. Chen combines a thoroughly cosmopolitan aesthetic taking inspiration from his Chinese roots, putting a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and creativity. His show in London this year draws influence from the work of 19th Century U.S. poet Emily Dickinson.

Award-winning designer Huishan Zhang has chosen to partner with JD for the second year running. “JD is a retail partner that understands the fashion industry, caring about the needs of both the designers and customers,” he said. “This a rare thing, which is why my team and I have chosen to partner with again. It’s great to see more and more Chinese people caring about fashion – and initiatives like JD’s JDesigner Boutique show that fashion has a much broader appeal than just people who attend exclusive events.”

Items from JD-sponsored designer Xiao Li’s collection will also be available to users of the JDesigner Boutique platform for the first time. A rising star on the global fashion stage, Xiao Li is best known for her witty commentary on the fashion scene, using colorful, voluminous shapes, and innovative yarns and textures to push the boundaries of knitwear.

“All of us at are extremely excited for another year of celebrating the international fashion community in London,” said Xia Ding, President of JD International Fashion. “As China is increasingly recognized as a new global fashion power player, our unique initiatives, such as the JDesigner Boutique, combined with our unrivaled logistics network in China, continue to make the top choice for international luxury brands seeking to enter this exciting market.”

This year marks the second year of partnership between JD and the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund. JD will work closely with the BFC to help British designers expand their presence in China and will introduce selected designs through JDesigner Boutique while exploring joint programs including collaborations between shortlisted BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund designers and brands on JD, as well as mentorship programs.

Caroline Rush CBE, Chief Executive British Fashion Council said: “We are delighted that are extending their support of the British Fashion Council Vogue Designer Fashion fund into 2019. This collaboration takes us into the second year of our valued partnership with which allows our British designer businesses to engage with over 300 million Chinese consumers, enabling them the vital opportunity of increasing their global footprint in China.”

Over the course of 2018, JD has added or deepened partnerships with brands including Chopard, Salvatore Ferragamo, Buccellati, Balenciaga, Missoni, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and others, as the company’s dedicated TOPLIFE platform continues to gain the attention of the major names in global fashion.