Oct 23, 2020|

JD‘s New Marketing Methods Bring More Enjoyment for Singles Day Promotion


by Rachel Liu

JD’s 2020 Singles Day Grand Promotion officially began on October 21st, and will last 22 days, till November 11th. This time JD will bring over 200 million half-price products, over 300 million new products for customers. JD has taken a customer-centric approach to designing new marketing activities this year, making shopping more fun for consumers, and outreach more fruitful for brands.

Straight forward promotion

Consumers typically agonize about the sheer amount of math required to calculate the best deal.  Aiming to provide true benefits for customers, JD has made Singles Day promotion easy and straight forward. October 21st to 31st is the pre-sale period, and customers can pay a deposit first and enjoy discount and gifts. From November 1st to 11th, JD will provide allowance that customers can use across different categories and stores, which means customers don’t need to feel forced to buy multiple products from a single store in order to make the coupons work. Furthermore, the final price will be visible on the product page, helping consumers avoid complicated math problems.

This Singles Day, JD also launched the “Double 10 Billion Project”, which means RMB 10 billion yuan each of subsidies and shopping coupons provided by local governments.

Engaging and colorful games

This Singles Day JD has launched two new games for customers to earn “red envelopes” for shopping while having fun. Customers can also plant a tree in the virtual “JD Farm” and earn a box of real fruits by taking care of the tree. JD has prepared 5 million boxes of free fruits for customers, and customers have the chance to win a box of free fruit in as fast as one day. Additionally, customers can invite friends to share JD points, which can be used as money when they shop.

More livestreams

Livestream has proven to be a popular form of marketing, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak. For JD, livestreaming is not just a sales channel, but a place for brands to have deep and direct communications with customers. This Singles Day, JD will hold over 500 livestream shows in total. On November 10th, JD will launch a “Super Livestream Night” with over 30 celebrities joining. Management team representative from brand partners will join JD for the livestreams. As the brands have a deep understanding of their brands and products, as well as customers’ needs, they can help customers select the most suitable products. During this 618, the livestream jointly held by Jun Liu, vice president of Lenovo and Xiaobing Yan, president of JD Electronics and Home Appliances, generated over RMB 100 million yuan in sales. JD will also invite local officials to do livestreams promoting local specialties from around the country.

“In the past over 10 years, we have been finding ways to provide new and fun experiences for customers during our grand promotions. COVID-19 brought many changes to everyone’s life, and during this Singles’ Day, we can help customers find the products they really need in a simple and happy way, and enjoy true benefits. We encourage customers to do thoughtful shopping, instead of getting lost in shopping,” said Simon Han, vice president of JD.com.