Jul 30, 2020|

Mead Johnson Launches C2M Milk Powder Exclusively on JD


by Ling Cao

Mead Johnson, the world’s leading international pediatric nutrition company, launched a new milk powder product globally and exclusively on JD this week. The milk powder, created by JD and the Mead Johnson together using the “Customer to Manufacturer”(C2M) model, belongs to the BoruiQuanyue (铂睿全跃) series.

According to data from JD, Chinese mothers primarily choose milk powder based on the quality of the source, absorption, whether it can boost brain function or vision, and safety. “We did a lot of thorough preparation including R&D, before finally launching today. We kept mothers’ key concerns in mind when designing the product, and tried our best to provide something innovative to match their preferences,” Lizhen Liu, president of JD FMCG said during the launch event.

The product marketing head of the new milk powder at Mead Johnson praised JD for creating such a popular new product for customers. “JD Super has been our long-term strategic partner for China’s baby and maternal market since 2016, helping us accelerate social e-commerce, providing us a lot of support during promotions and sales, and facilitating high quality sales growth.” During the first hour on June 18, sales of Mead Johnson’s top-end series reached 25 times that of the same period last year.

The success of the C2M initiative between the two companies has set an example for the market as a whole.