Mar 23, 2020|

Leading Dutch TV NOS Zooms in on JD Health


by Ella Kidron and Hui Zhang

Leading TV Station in the Netherlands, Nederlandse Omroep Stitching (NOS, or Dutch Broadcast Foundation in English), featured JD Health in an in-depth broadcast about the global outbreak of COVID-19 on March 21st. The piece zoomed in on JD Health’s free online consultation platform, which is being used to provide remote support for a range of medical needs in China as well as overseas.

NOS interviewed JD Health doctor, Dr. Xu Siying, about what types of service requests she is getting from patients during this period. “Right now we are in the middle of a global COVID-19 outbreak, so right now our users are focused on COVID-19 diagnosis or suspected diagnosis.” Dr. Xu said that of the consultation requests the platform receives daily, one-fifth come from Hubei province, the epidemic epicenter.

With the hospital, people need to take a number and wait, Dr. Xu explained. With the telemedicine platform, they can get the service from their comfort of their own homes.


With the hospital, people need to take a number and wait, Dr. Xu explained.

Dr. Xu Siying Speaks to NOS

The piece mentions that similar to the emergence of e-commerce 17 years ago during SARS, something similar is happening with telemedicine as people without COVID-19 try to avoid going to the hospital for risk of cross-infection. In the last two months, JD has already received over 5.5 million consultations.

JD launched its free online consultation program early on in the COVID-19 outbreak in China to support users with a wide range of medical needs. Following the release of the first platform, the company just released a global platform that supports bilingual support in Chinese and English from anywhere in the world.

The link to the full segment in Dutch can be found here (JD’s portion begins at 10:45):