Mar 23, 2020| and Partners to Provide RMB1.5 Billion in Coupons to Boost Economy

by Yuchuan Wang

On March 18th, announced to collaborate with brands to jointly provide RMB1.5 billion promotional coupons to consumers in China. The coupons are designed to generate demand that may have been suppressed by the COVID-19 epidemic, helping brands and merchants alike to resume sales and operations, facilitating economic growth.

The coupons will be rolled out in different phases with the first phase starting on March 26th, covering key categories including electronics and fast moving consumer goods.

The new initiative also demonstrates that the fight against COVID-19 has entered a new stage. As people recover from the epidemic, the need to increase consumer demand to support China’s domestic economy has come to light.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, has fully leveraged its strengths in supply chain, logistics and technology and partnered with a range of stakeholders to fight against the epidemic. As of March 2nd, has allocated over RMB 1 billion in this effort. Apart from donating and helping transport goods to the epicenter, the company has also launched a series of initiatives to support brands and merchants. On March 5th, announced the launch of the Spring Raindrop Plan to allocate RMB 1.5 billion worth of marketing resources to support the resumption of operations.