Mar 23, 2020|

JD Health Kicks Off Global Free Bilingual Consultation


by Hui Zhang and Ella Kidron

JD Health kicked off its bilingual Chinese-English global free online consultation service on March 21st, in an effort to support the global fight against COVID19.

The platform is an upgrade of its Chinese-only overseas medical consultation platform, targeting over 60 million Chinese living overseas, launched on March 17th. Until March 20th, the platform has received more than 50, 000 overseas consultation requests, including nearly 3,000 in English, and more than 3.2 million visitors.

JD Health online

The platform features doctors and medical experts with rich frontline experience in fighting against COVID-19, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experts and physicians who can offer services in both English and Chinese. More than 20 doctors are able to provide picture and text consultation services in English. Given the differentiated needs of international users, the English services section is divided into three specific departments: COVID-19, TCM service, and Other, which covers all other diseases and medical needs.

JD Health started its free online medical consultation services in China (in Chinese) early on in the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to share firsthand experience from China in fighting the epidemic with overseas medical professionals, JD Health’s doctors are developing an English-language COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment guidance manual. The manual combines JD Health’s nearly two months of service to 5.5 million people in China during COVID-19, and distills it into actionable guidance. It contains six major sections totaling 83 frequently asked questions, covering basic information about COVID-19, regular prevention and control, home-quarantine, symptom assessment and more, providing comprehensive and authoritative guidance on COVID-19. Medical personnel around the world will be able to download the full version of the manual free-of-charge from the consultation platform.

The platform does not only seek to meet physical needs but also psychological ones. In order to help alleviate anxiety and even depression during COVID-19, JD health’s global online consultation platform has a hotline service. Any international users who need psychological assistance can enjoy free counseling services by dialing 400-622-6108 via Skype or similar software.

Pang Xinghuo, vice director of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, recommended JD’s platform during Saturday’s press conference on the prevention and control situation of COVID-19 in Beijing. With the epidemic becoming increasingly serious abroad, JD Health believes that it is necessary to develop a bilingual platform online to help more people around the world.

The role of TCM in fighting COVID-19 has increasingly become a point of discussion, and there have been demands for TCM support from overseas. JD Health is currently opening up procurement and distribution channels for TCM ingredients and proprietary Chinese medicines (pCm) to help overseas institutions meet the TCM needs of more overseas patients.

How to access the platform: