Dec 19, 2019|

Lenovo and Announce Plan to Sell RMB 10 Billion in Enterprise Products in the Next Three Years

Share: and Lenovo plan to sell RMB 10 billion in enterprise products in the next three years. As part of a strategic partnership between the two companies, Lenovo will offer its full line products for enterprise clients via JD’s enterprise procurement platform. The two parties will also launch a Business-to-Manufacturer (B2M) platform to provide enterprise clients with customized products and services.

With C2M being the hottest term of the past year, getting the insights to truly understand consumers has been invaluable to many retailers and manufacturers. The innate differences among enterprises also pose great challenges for the B2B industry, and customized products present a huge unmet opportunity. JD and Lenovo’s B2M platform will enable enterprise clients on JD to submit individual needs, based on which Lenovo will design and manufacture customized products accordingly.

Leveraging’s professional online procurement channel, JD Business, and vast logistics network, customization will no longer only available to large companies with abundant resources. Small-to-medium sized companies, which account for more than 90% of the market in China, will also be able to enjoy the service through the B2M initiative. and Lenovo are long-time partners, and are already providing joint customer service covering delivery and installation, hardware maintenance, equipment repairing and replacement, and IT support. The two companies will take a step further to upgrade its supply chain and smart services collaboration. Lenovo’s over 2,000 service stations in more than 900 cities, and its smart service system will join JD’s service system, in order to provide leading customer service to enterprise clients nationwide.

“ is one of Lenovo’s most important retail partners in China. We have maintained a deep strategic cooperation for years,” said Zheng Liu, General Manager of Lenovo Enterprise Products. “The launch of the B2M platform is an important milestone for the enterprise procurement industry, and it will further take the industry to a new level.”

“The digital transformation has greatly impacted the enterprise procurement sector. As China’s largest retailer, is committed to efforts to streamline the procurement process for enterprises of all sizes,” said Chunzheng Song, President of JD Business. “The partnership with Lenovo provides a pioneering solution, and we expect to leverage JD’s big data ability to continuously improve the customization for the traditional enterprise procurement sector.” has more than seven million enterprise clients on its platform. Its enterprise procurement business JD Business aims to help 100 suppliers surpass RMB 1 billion in sales in 2020 and bring together 200 technical partners and 20,000 enterprise service partners on its platform.