Dec 20, 2019| Opens 24/7 Store Chain 7FRESH LIFE in Beijing to Offer Mealtime Solutions

Share:’s 7FRESH fresh food chain supermarket 7FRESH LIFE opened on December 20 in Beijing. 7FRESH LIFE is a 24/7 store offering mealtime solutions within an area between 300 to 400 square meters.

The newly opened 7FRESH LIFE is located in the Huilongguan residential area in Northern Beijing – one of the largest residential neighborhoods in Asia. Serving as a warm caring neighbor especially for young mothers and kitchen owners, 7FRESH LIFE is a combination of community “restaurant + fresh food store + convenience store” providing more than 3,000 different selected quality fresh items of produce, daily groceries and also ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food, equipped with an in-store dining area. Parents will find quality fresh ingredients in 7FRESH LIFE for cooking a healthy meal for their children; busy working professionals will also find nutritious prepared food.

As a leader in omnichannel retail, 7FRESH also provides a location-based online channel through its app for consumers to buy from the community shop anytime and have items delivered to their doorstep as fast as in 30 minutes from the time of order. The home delivery service now covers a 1.5 km radius including 38 surrounding communities and three office areas, reaching 50,000 families and 1,000 office professionals in total. 7FRESH LIFE employs’s massive online offerings. In addition to the items offered in-store, a large number of products from’s e-commerce platform can be ordered through 7FRESH LIFE’s online channel, such as seasonal, large-size, beauty and baby and maternal products. It also provides comprehensive convenient value-added services such as power bank rental, 24-hour parcel pick-up lockers, bill payment, top up, courier and dry cleaning service, among others.

“With JD’s deep understanding of consumers and our strong supply chain providing global and local fresh produce and mealtime solutions, 7FRESH has become a trusted source for consumers buying fresh food offline,” said Jonathan Wang, Head of 7FRESH, “7FRESH LIFE will better serve the diverse and unique needs of Chinese families, providing for each person at any time for any need, online or offline.”

7FRESH will open its services for industry partners to leverage its supply chain, IT and omnichannel capabilities, collaborating with traditional players to redefine the offline grocery market to satisfy the changing, fragmented and personalized needs of consumers.

Launched in January 2018,’s 7FRESH supermarket chain has proved itself a hit among Chinese consumers with nearly 20 stores opened in major cities such as Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu and Guangzhou. As one of’s key omnichannel retail offerings, 7FRESH provides a seamless online ordering and offline shopping experience and redefines the brick-and-mortar grocery store.’s 7FRESH fresh food chain supermarket 7FRESH LIFE opened on December 20 in Beijing.