Dec 17, 2019|

SK-II Pitera™ Essence Limited Edition Featuring Mickey Mouse Launches on


Just in time for the Christmas season, consumers on, China’s largest retailer online or offline, will be able to get their hands on the Limited Edition Pitera™ Essence. The Limited Edition Pitera™ Essence will available on starting December 15th through the end of the year.

This is not the first time SK-II has selected JD as a destination for its new product launches. In fact, the globally prestigious skincare brand has been doing so during holiday seasons since its flagship store first opened on JD in 2015. Earlier this year, created a new concept for holiday gifting and also initiated a related new marketing campaign to fulfill consumers’ gifting consumption demands during holidays such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day (July 7 of the lunar calendar), and May 20, which is considered Chinese Internet Valentine’s day because “520” in Mandarin sounds like “I love you”. Consumers rely on JD for their gifting needs because they trust’s product quality and delivery speed. Leveraging its technology strengths and big data capabilities, JD provides user engagement tools for brands to help them reach out to consumers more precisely and attract new consumers via games during holiday sales seasons.

One of the top priorities for gift givers is ensuring that the gift reaches the recipient in time. Leveraging the overall strength of its nationwide logistics network, JD offers a white glove delivery service, JD Luxury Express, which further enhances the standard delivery experience, as a value-added service, providing some offline glamor and intimacy to the online e-commerce experience. As of November 1st, the number of followers of SK-II flagship store on had surpassed 10 million, making its online store on JD the largest of all of its online stores.

“ is a longtime trusted partner of ours in the Chinese market. We are excited to further our collaboration by having our Limited Edition Pitera™ Essence featuring Mickey Mouse launch on” said Iris Xuan, SK-II Global Sales and Commercial Leader

“With this product release with SK-II, we hope to delight and surprise consumers, providing them the high-quality service they are used to receiving from us.” said Terry Wang, General Manager of JD Beauty. “As the most-trusted e-commerce platform by Chinese consumers, JD has become an ideal partner for the world’s top beauty brands,” said Terry, “JD is laser focused on bringing high-quality products to consumers, and helping brands better access and understand their consumers in the Chinese market.”

In this first ever collaboration with Disney, SK-II brings together the beloved True Original Mickey Mouse – one of the most recognizable pop culture icons of all time and PITERA™ Essence – SK-II’s signature Facial Treatment Essence that has been essentially unchanged for 39 years to celebrate the Year of the Mouse.