Jul 31, 2020|

Mo Yan’s Debut of livestream on JD, Introduces His First Work After Winning the Nobel Prize


by Ling Cao

On the night of July 31st, Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012 and China’s first author to do so, joined JD Livestream with his new book, A Late Bloomer. This marks his first livestream. By partnering with Tencent Wesee and JD Book during the livestream, Mo was able to share the new book with audience together with Ning Wang, a host from Chinese National TV, and Jingze Li and Feiyu Bi, two famous writers.

It has been ten years since Mo published his previous book. A Late Bloomer is akin to Mo’s postscript after winning the Nobel Prize. He has written himself into the novel, and opens up to readers in a humorous way about the ins and outs of life after winning the Nobel Prize. There are 12 colorful stories in all; a mix of joyful and sorrowful, absurd and real.

During the livestream Mo spoke with an onsite audience about a variety of themes, and viewers had the chance to win his new book for free.

Mo Yan was asked during the livestream why he decided to write this book. “This book has spread the traditional plot of people going back to their hometown in countryside. I think it’s always the character who drives an author to write. Many characters in this book are my friends, even my best friends. Only by focusing on this kind of story can I fully express my emotions,” he shared.

Applying livestream promotions to the book industry is one of JD Book’s key directives for the second half of the year. JD Book has started a new channel for such initiatives, aiming to provide young customers with vivid and interesting new book launch events.