Aug 3, 2020|

National Museum of China Collects JD’s Anti-epidemic Robot and Valuable Letters


by Ling Cao

The National Museum of China (NMC) has added a series of JD’s anti-epidemic materials to its permanent collection.

Video showing JD’s efforts against the pandemic

JD’s autonomous delivery robot nicknamed “Da Bai” will be preserved. The robot is symbolic of the use of technology for virus prevention. Also included are three letters of appreciation for JD’s help written by Dr. Nanshan Zhong, who is known as a hero of the 2003 fight against SARS, and Hubei’s COVID-19 prevention and command center, as well as Jie Zhang, an Inner Mongolia doctor who volunteered in Hubei. The collection also contains a video detailing JD’s effort during the pandemic.


Certification from the National Museum

JD quickly allocated autonomous delivery robots to Wuhan starting February 6th. Contactless delivery was of crucial value during these unique times, and received positive feedback from customers. Before being collected by the NMC, Da Bai worked on the frontline in Wuhan for 107 days. Traveling among Wuhan’s hospitals and residential compounds, Da Bai traveled over 6,800 kilometers and delivered more than13,000 packages. After Da Bai, JD plans to continue leveraging robots for last-mile delivery in Wuhan.

Customers and JD couriers in Wuhan left messages before Da Bai’s departure. One elementary school student drew a picture of it as well

A representative from the NMC said, “JD’s autonomous delivery robot had witnessed a historical moment. Not only China’s success in fighting against COVID-19, but at the same time a key achievement in the nation’s application of technology to such scenarios. It is something of great importance.”

A representative from JD said, “Technology innovation is key to JD’s supply chain development. We will continue to provide customers with a best-in-class experience and help in emergencies when the need arises.”

Letters showing appreciation for JD’s efforts against the pandemic

In the letters, Dr. Nanshan Zhong expresses gratitude to JD for helping transport a donation from his foundation to Wuhan Hankou Hospital to aid coronavirus support. “Thanks to JD for helping on the frontlines and sending much needed medical supplies to Wuhan!”

Jie Zhang, the Inner Mongolia doctor, wrote to one of JD’s couriers in Wuhan, “We are traveling over a thousand kilometers to Wuhan. Many of my colleagues aren’t used to the environment because of regional differences. Shengzhi Jia, the JD courier, learnt this and proactively helped us contact merchants and warehouses to get daily necessities and medical supplies to us in time, regardless of the challenges presented by road closures during that time.”

Hubei’s COVID-19 prevention and command center said in a letter, “JD’s spirit for helping the country as a whole illustrates an old saying ‘everyone is responsible for his country’. We sincerely appreciate and respect all of JD employees’ outstanding contributions!”