Mar 9, 2020|

Mulan of JD Logistics: Remarkable Women


by Ling Cao and Ella Kidron

With the 110th International Women’s Day taking place this past March 8th, JD Logistics has shared several stories from courageous women on its staff. Whether on the roads or in the delivery station, these women have taken the extra mile to support colleagues and customers.

Si Si, Marketing Head of JD’s Central China region

On March 8, the Wuhan Women’s Federation named its inaugural group of female heroes in fighting COVID-19 in Wuhan. Si Si, Marketing Head of JD’s Central China region was among the 177 heroes named. During the epidemic, she has been a key member of JD’s prevention and control center in Central China region. Since January 21, she has been working to ensure that supplies can reach people in need. She has gone back and forth repeatedly to Huoshenshan hospital to coordinate a plan to make sure the support from JD reaches the hospital in a timely manner. In addition, she accompanied a JD driver on Chinese New Year’s Eve to deliver masks to hospitals in Wuhan.Si Si, Marketing Head of JD’s Central China region was among the 177 heroes named


Guangle Ren, General Manager of JD’s Central region

Guangle Ren, General Manager of JD’s Central region, played an important role in guaranteeing JD’s support during the epidemic period.  The Central region office will be responsible for business in Hubei, Henan, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. On January 19, she realized the severity of the epidemic and asked her team to prepare accordingly. “I asked our employee services team to check temperatures every day and to buy protective supplies, Vitamin C, and report to this information to headquarters each day. I decided with my core team that we need to keep working during Chinese New Year, and we quickly agreed and have been working at JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Wuhan.” Ren added.

Guangle Ren, General Manager of JD’s Central region

Ren quickly arranged to get protective supplies including masks, disinfectant, thermometer to every delivery station so that couriers can safely working on the frontlines. “Most of the management team is volunteering to support at delivery stations, helping to distribute protective materials.” During Chinese New Year she would make surprise visits to the deliver station.

As a female leader and working in the logistics industry for nearly 20 years, Ren has learned to remain calm in emergencies. “We don’t have other choices, we need to be brave and fight together.” She has been working for over 50 days straight and benefits from the support of her family. “I have been with JD for four years and my husband is supportive of my choice. He is in Henan province and will video call me every day and remind me to wear a mask.”


Hongjuan Liang, Truck driver

34-year old Hongjuan Liang is the only female truck driver in JD Logistics’ Northwest region Xi’an transfer station fleet. She joined JD in January 2019, and has excelled, becoming a team leader.

Hongjuan Liang is the only female truck driver in JD Logistics

Her team of 22 drivers is responsible from transferring goods from JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Xi’an to the 60 delivery stations in the South Xi’an area. With COVID-19, e-commerce orders have significantly increased her and her team’s workload. From January 27 until today, Liang hasn’t taken a single day off. She arrives at work at 9 a.m. each morning to start coordinating the team and addressing any issues before setting off at noon in her own truck. When it’s not convenient for her colleagues to get food on the road, she will prepare it at home in advance and bring it to work to share.

Liang majored in nursing and has great admiration for the medical workers on the frontlines during the epidemic. Although she is not in the hospital fighting on the frontline, some of the goods she needs to transfer are medical supplies destined for Hubei province. She expressed that she hopes that during this special period, she and her team can help those who can’t easily get around by bringing convenience to them.


Hong Zeng, Operations manager

29-year old Hong Zeng is operations manager at JD Logistics Qingshan delivery station in Wuhan. From the Spring Festival until today, she hasn’t take a single day off, and is helping to ensure JD’s promise to continue to deliver through the epidemic no matter what.

Hong Zeng is operations manager at JD Logistics Qingshan delivery station in Wuhan

With the pressure of double the amount of orders combined with road closures, the station is extremely busy. Before the couriers set off, she helps them find and sort packages and put them on their tricycle. When capacity is stretched, she will even make deliveries herself to reduce their burden. “If our couriers are pressed for time, I will deliver to customers via electric bicycle and then rush back to the station as fast as possible,” Zeng said.

The health of the team is top priority, and she makes sure to stress the importance of masks and disinfectant and other anti-epidemic precautions. Recently, she was unable to go back to Jingzhou to celebrate her dad’s birthday. “I just called and wished him a happy birthday,” she explained. “He was understanding. Everyone wants to have a warm family and I’m no exception. But compared with other people, I have two additional families – my station is my small family and JD is my big family,” she added.