Feb 7, 2020|

JD’s Robot Delivers First Order in Wuhan in Coronavirus Aid Support


By Tracy Yang and Rachel Liu


JD’s autonomous delivery robot successfully made its first delivery in Wuhan on Feb 6th, 2020. The robot departed from JD’s Renhe delivery station and delivered products to Wuhan Ninth Hospital, which is the designated hospital for the treatment of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. See the video below.



Recognizing the need to reduce human-to-human contact during the coronavirus, JD quickly mobilized to put its autonomous delivery robot technology to work in Wuhan. Upon the robot’s arrival at its destination, it will send a message to the customer’s phone with a collection code, which can be input to release the package.

“JD autonomous delivery robots can help reduce human-to-human contact making them an ideal solution for last-mile delivery solution in Wuhan during this unique time, protecting both our customers and our employees.” said Qi Kong, Head of Autonomous Driving at JD Logistics. “In addition to supporting coronavirus aid in Wuhan, our latest autonomous delivery solution is open for other partners to use to upgrade their technology capabilities.”

JD autonomous delivery robots began daily operation in Changsha and Hohhot in January 2019. Different from its standard operation, where the robots generally handle small and medium-size products, the products delivered in Wuhan are generally large-size products, including daily necessities bought by medical personnel and medical supplies donated by the public. In the future JD will add more robots with big boxes to support large-size package delivery needs in Wuhan.


Download the video here: http://t.cn/A6Pdjofl

Download B-roll here: http://t.cn/A6PdYoso


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