Jul 28, 2020|

Number of JD Home Appliance Stores Surpasses 15,000


by Rachel Liu

The number of JD Home Appliance Stores, JD’s offline home appliance stores for lower-tier markets, has surpassed 15,000 by the end of June, 2020.

JD began building JD Home Appliance Stores in 2016. In just four years, the number of stores surpassed 15,000, and the stores now serve 25,000 towns and 600,000 villages around China. During the 618 sale, sales at JD Home Appliance stores increased 240% y-o-y. “We are now updating the stores’ image, brand, product, service, and marketing. Our aim is to build a customer-centric, trustworthy retail platform with high-quality products, good service, and strong operations,” said Jun Liu, head of the JD Home Appliance Store program.

Customer demand for high-end home appliance products in lower-tier cities is growing. During the 618 sale, sales of the 75-inch ultra-size flat screen TV in JD Home Appliance Stores increased 500% y-o-y, and sales of Casarte refrigerators and washing machines increased 600% y-o-y. JD Home Appliance Store is now increasing the proportion of high-end products offered, and aims to have high-end products account for 30% of total products by the end of this year.

Additionally, JD Home Appliance Store is updating its stores’ image and decor to attract customers and improve the customer experience as well as sales turnover rate. In the first half of 2020 over 2,000 stores completed the redesign, and another 4,000 will finish by the end of the year.

Besides home appliance products, JD also introduced products from over 10 leading lifestyle brands including Micoe Solar and ASD to provide more choices for customers in home-related products.

The JD Home Appliance Store also launched a special insurance service for customers. The insurance service is provided by a partnership of JD Home Appliance and Allianz JD, an insurance company jointly developed by JD and Allianz, a German insurance company. The insurance service can provide customers a more convenient experience in product maintenance and after-sale service.