Dec 30, 2020|

OLAY Collaborates with JD Live to Attract More Young Customers


by Yuchuan Wang

Skin care brand OLAY collaborated with JD Live and launched a series of marketing activities through December. The activities leveraged livestreaming e-commerce and influence of popular celebrities to attract young consumers for the nearly 70-year-old brand. Over 60 percent of customers who placed orders were under the age of 34.

OLAY’s phonograph-shaped gift box

Understanding younger generations, especially Gen Z (born after 1996), has become a crucial task for brands to succeed in the long term. OLAY and JD Live invited a popular C-pop boy band “Teens in Times” to the livestreaming room, and released a Christmas-themed song on JD Live on December 14th as a warmup. A phonograph-shaped gift box was also designed to appeal to fans. The warmup helped OLAY attract and accumulate a large number of young customers.

The brand also engaged in more innovative e-commerce livestreaming by launching a variety show called “Attractive Gifts” through JD Live on December 19th, featuring young couples introducing selected gifts. The number of viewers of the livestream was 8 times that of a general daily livestream.

“Livestreaming has become the focus of major brands since the beginning of this year, and it is believed to be the best way to communicate directly with young consumers,” said a representative from JD Live. “The collaboration with OLAY has seen both an increase in sales and new customers.”