Dec 30, 2020|

WRC Features JD Health’s Doctors as Retail’s Frontline Heroes


by Vivian Yang

The World Retail Congress’ end-of-year publication edition featured JD Health’s telemedicine doctors as part of the organization’s salute to retail’s frontline heroes in the fight against the COVID-19 in 2020.

“The story of retail in 2020 is of course about the massive shift online,” said the publication. “But throughout everything, the most important and incredible factor has been all of the thousands of retail employees working ‘on the frontline’… Many thousands were literally putting their jobs before their own safety. Probably for the first time, retail employees around the world were recognized as being essential workers for their role in literally ensuring that people could continue buying the products they needed.”

A handful of individual stories are included in this special edition to showcase the unbelievable work and dedication by countless people in retail who went above and beyond to service customers and support their businesses, among which JD Health’s full-time doctor Dr. Xingxing Xiao was the first highlight:


Dr. Xingxing Xiao, aged 38, had been working as a respiratory doctor in Beijing’s 301 hospital (one of the most well-known hospitals in China) for 12 years before she embraced the internet and became one of JD Health’s full-time telemedicine doctors in early January 2020.

A few weeks after she joined JD Health, COVID-19 started to hit China.

“Patients’ inquiries had flooded in. I could feel their deep anxiety and tried my best to answer their questions and calm them down,” recalled Dr. Xiao. Since the Wuhan lockdown began during the Chinese New Year, she spent two days of her holiday vacation doing nothing but responding to patients via her mobile phone.

“Nobody asked us to do so, but my colleagues and I decided to return to the office where we could work more efficiently,” she said. “On the third day of the Chinese New Year vacation, I said good-bye to my family members in my hometown and travelled over 300 kilometers from Qinhuangdao of Hebei province back to Beijing. It felt like charging towards the battlefield.”

Dr. Xingxing Xiao (first from the right) and her colleagues worked in office

during Chinese New Year Festival (photo provided by Dr. Xiao)

While doctors in the hospital fought the virus by saving people’s lives, telemedicine doctors supported the fight through their relentless work to provide people professional medical knowledge and mental support, easing their uncertainty.

During the toughest period, Dr. Xiao and her over 300 colleagues handled upwards of 150,000 patient interactions everyday – equivalent to 500 interactions per doctor, per day.

Since there was limited information about the virus, doctors had to first learn and then explain information to the public. Dr. Xiao volunteered to join dozens of livestream events to promote health and medical advice to over one million viewers.

JD Health’s full-time telemedicine doctors at work

“Seeing the virus situation stabilize in China now, I feel hugely proud of what we did. My family, especially my two lovely children, my 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, are now my biggest fans and loyal users of JD’s services.”

Thanks to these telemedicine doctors’ hard work during COVID-19, more and more Chinese people now turn to JD Health for healthcare support, or to JD’s online pharmacy to buy medicine. They can enjoy delivery by JD Logistics within as fast as 30 minutes.


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