Jul 15, 2020|

Only Manu Atelier Store in China Opens on JD


by Ella Kidron

On July 13th, Manu Atelier’s official first party flagship store on JD.com opened. It is the brand’s first store in China, online or offline. The Turkish leather goods brand’s bags have been frequently spotted on the arm of Kate Middleton, Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker and more.

Manu Atelier was founded in 2014 by sisters Merve and Beste Manastir. They inherited craftsmanship from their father, Adnan Manastir, one of Turkey’s oldest artisans, who is said to have created leather goods by hand at his atelier in Istanbul since he was eleven years old. The Manu Atelier brand combines high-end leather with pure handicraft to bring a chic and modern twist. A small arrow logo makes the brands products instantly recognizable.

The beloved Cylinder series, the Mini Cylinder series, the Jackie series, the Carmen Series and the Ruched Demi series of bags will all be made available on JD. As the brand is not just about bags, but also does phenomenal shoes, the lace-up duck boots series, Chae ankle boots series and duck pumps series will also be available to Chinese consumers.

Manu Atelier adds to the list of nearly 200 luxury brands to have joined JD.com this year. The brand’s products will be delivered via JD Luxury Express, providing consumers a chance to not just get their hands on the latest “it bag”, but also brings a ceremonial experience to the purchase.