Sep 5, 2020|

Sales Doubled For New Home Appliance Products On JD


by Martin Li

The sales of new home appliance products has been more than doubled in the first half of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to JD’s recent report on home appliance product consumption trends.

This increase corresponded with a 78% jump in the frequency of new product launches on during the same period. The report also found that people were more likely to purchase new products within the first week of their launches— including large home appliances, kitchen and bathroom products, and life electronics.

People aged between 26 and 45 play the most active role in seeking out new products, while male consumers and married people are most likely to purchase, according to the report.

The report also noted that different groups are driven to purchase new home appliances based on distinctive needs. For example, people who live in rented homes tend to prefer multi-function appliances in smaller sizes with a fancier aesthetic. Retro-style home appliances like ovens were popular in the first half of the year, a category that grew by over eight times in sales compared with the same period last year.

JD upgraded its platform for product launches last May, naming it JD Xiaomofang (JD Little Rubik’s Cube). The platform is aimed at helping brands better understand consumer needs, develop related features, and recommend new products to people who need them most with the help of JD’s consumer insights.

The platform has cooperated with renowned brands including Huawei, Dyson, Lenovo, L’oreal and P&G to launch new products.

On the first day of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion season this year, which started June 1st , it took only 2.5 minutes for Huawei subsidiary smartphone brand Honor to sell over 10,000 X1 smart screens on the platform.