Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_1: JD Helps Create a Great Digital Show


by Ling Cao

As the official technology service provider at the event, JD Cloud & AI helped to create a digital CIFTIS (2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services), providing a consistent platform for exhibitors to communicate.

Leveraging JD’s capabilities in cloud computing, AI, big data, IoT and 5G, JD Cloud & AI provided technology innovation to support exhibitions, events and meetings.

Talking about CIFTIS, Dr. Bowen Zhou, Chair of JD Technology Committee said, “JD has the ability to open up its technologies to external partners, helping physical enterprises to go digital. We hope to create a smart exhibition, build a new platform and lead a new economy, in order to achieve an omnichannel business model, and make a strong, replicable and promotable exhibition platform, helping transition to a digital industry.”

Exhibitors and general viewers can view the whole exhibition either offline at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, or online with a 3D version via app or website, providing an intelligent online and offline experience. Events can be viewed via livestream. As for meetings, JD Cloud & AI provides instant communication services, online meetings, online translation services and smart customer services, building a virtual, convenient and private meeting experience.

JD Cloud & AI’s exhibition area. Photo by Ling Cao

Apart from the technology services, JD Cloud & AI also showcased some of its products at the exhibition. With its cloud based capabilities, enterprise clients can integrate JD’s server in multiple scenarios, such as a combined software and hardware solution for office work. Through the solution, clients can enjoy remote meetings, cloud storage, and remote work. Based on trust and its technology capabilities, JD Cloud & AI has become the leading technology service provider for all kinds of exhibitions, providing offline exhibitions with a brand new experience.

Another scenario is the industrial Internet. For a construction site, several factors make cloud based service challenge, such as complexity and high requirements for network stability and real-time analysis for VR/AR, while JD Cloud & AI can address these problems with long-term technology solutions.

One customer who visited the exhibition said, “I know JD for its fast delivery and authentic products. I buy a lot of things from JD, and its reputation made me interested to learn more about JD’s cloud and AI services, which match my business demand.”