Mar 25, 2021|

Sales of Imported Pet Products Increased 10 Times YOY on JD’s Super Pet Day


by Rachel Liu

Sales of imported pet products increased 10 times YOY on JD’s Super Pet Day, held on Mar. 23rd. Sales of cat food increased 7.5 times YOY, and health supplements and health-related products for pets increased nine times YOY, as did smart pet products.

Consumption trends indicate that Chinese consumers’ demands for imported pet food, health-related products for pets and smart pet products are increasing quickly.

The best-selling brands on Super Pet Day were French pet food brand Royal Canin, Canadian brands ACANA and Origen, as well as Chinese brands My Foodie, and pidan, which also ranked No.1 for its practical and innovative design of pet products.

The top 3 best-selling cat products are ACANA cat food, pidan cat litter, and Royal Canin K36 cat food. Products that can improve cat’s health such as deworming products from Frontline Plus are also among the Top 10 best-selling products. Best-selling dog food brands are Royal Canin, My Foodie and Pure Natural.

Besides expanding product categories to provide rich products for pet lovers, before the Singles Day Grand Promotion last year, JD Pet launched a service which allows customers to return already-opened pet food that their pets don’t like, so they don’t have to worry about getting stuck with food that will go uneaten.