Aug 5, 2020|

Targeted Marketing Campaigns Help Dettol Increase Sales on JD


by Rachel Liu

With the help of JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, Dettol held a series of targeted marketing campaigns on JD on July 30th, and achieved a sales increase of 785% comparing with daily average sales of July in 2019.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, customers have been putting more importance on disinfectants, and related products have been seeing great sales. During the event, new members of the brand increased 5 times comparing with the daily average increase in the last 30 days. The height of the disinfectant liquids sold in the promotion stacked together is equivalent to 33 Mount Qomolangmas. JD’s customer insights played a significant role in the planning of the campaign, which is targeted to mothers, as they prioritize the health of family members.

JD and Dettol made a series of short videos of family scenes to highlight the importance of disinfectant, and a gift box with an environmental friendly tote bag for mothers to use. A popular actress and a mother herself, Wei Qi, joined the livestream for Dettol on the promotion day, to share her experience of using disinfectant. The joint marketing campaign between brands and e-commerce platforms have proven to be highly effective.