Aug 9, 2017|

Walmart-JD Omni-Channel Shopping Festival Sets Sales Records

Walmart and’s ongoing cooperation in areas including reaching more customers, inventory management and logistics efficiency has notched a major success with the conclusion of the Walmart-JD Omni-Channel Shopping Festival. The day’s combined transaction volume for Walmart’s e-commerce channels on increased 13 times compared with the previous 24-hour sales record, and Walmart physical stores also experienced a significant increase in traffic. The strong performance during the shopping festival underscored the synergies the companies have achieved through cross marketing over the last year.

The Walmart-JD Omni-Channel Shopping Festival is the most recent collaboration in the increasingly close partnership between the two companies.

The Walmart-JD Omni-Channel Shopping Festival is the most recent collaboration in the increasingly close partnership between the two companies. Through the ongoing integration of the two companies’ customer bases, platforms, and inventories, Walmart has extended its reach to the 99% of China’s population covered by JD’s industry-leading delivery network. JD, meanwhile, is now able to offer its user base of over 236.5 million consumers access to a vast selection of high-quality international products from Walmart and its subsidiaries Sam’s Club and ASDA.

Other key takeaways from the festival include:

●   Female shoppers are driving growth

Female consumers accounted for more than half of all shoppers, underscoring JD’s continued progress in the key demographic for the company as it further expands in categories traditionally stronger with women. During the festival, the most popular brands among women shoppers included Pampers, Jinlongyu, Great Value, Lego, and Nestle. The most popular products among women included diapers, cooking oil, shampoo, beer and toys.

●   Imported products on JD continue gaining steam 

The average basket size across’s Walmart Flagship Store, Walmart Global Shop Flagship Store and ASDA Global Shop Flagship Store were double the average from July.  During the shopping festival, US toys, Australian healthcare products, British foods, Korean facial masks and Japanese diapers proved to be the most popular items. Further, the Walmart Global Shop Flagship store on JD Worldwide had live AR broadcasting, which reached an audience of nearly one million people on August 8th.

●   Omni-channel approach attracting new customers

From July 20 to August 8, more than half of first-time shoppers on Walmart’s various flagship stores on came to the site by scanning in-store QR codes, underscoring the benefits of the omni-channel strategy.

●   Inventory integration has potential to boost efficiency

The pilot integration of JD and Walmart’s inventories in Shenzhen helped to reduce average order delivery time by three hours, greatly increasing fulfillment efficiency.

●   JD Daojia is bringing a new level of convenience to Walmart shoppers

On August 8, total orders of Walmart products through JD’s crowd-sourced delivery joint venture, JD Daojia, were triple the average daily order volume in July. The fastest delivery was completed in 15 minutes.