Apr 13, 2017|

Two Years After JD Worldwide Launch, Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce is on the Rise

Bayer launches JD Worldwide Flagship Store on platform’s second anniversary

Two years ago, JD.com launched JD Worldwide, a cross-border e-commerce platform that ships goods direct from brands anywhere in the world right to the consumer’s doorstep in China.

The platform was created to address the massive, unmet demand from Chinese consumers for imported products, and to help international brands overcome the hurdles of getting their products to market in China. It leverages JD.com’s global logistics partners and nationwide delivery network, one of the fastest and most sophisticated in the global e-commerce industry. Brands can also use its unrivaled reach and marketing resources to enable global brands to sell directly to consumers across China without setting up an onshore presence.

In just 24 months since it launched, JD Worldwide has recorded billions of RMB in annual sales. The team has formed partnerships with major brands from Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas, and launched dedicated country malls showing the very best brands from countries including France, the U.S., Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany and the U.K. All of the country malls achieved triple-digit sales increases in 2016.

“When we launched JD Worldwide two years ago, we had ambitious goals, but even we didn’t imagine the platform would be so successful in such a short time,” said Ting Qi, General Manager of JD Worldwide. “We didn’t anticipate the new market opportunities it would unlock in terms of working with top global brands, and offering our customers so many new options.”

Having added almost 20,000 brands to JD Worldwide, JD.com announced another global giant has entered the platform for the two-year anniversary. Bayer, one of the best-known names in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, is launching a dedicated flagship store on JD Worldwide. The JD team will be working with Bayer to import more of its high-quality, industry-leading range of health supplements, including Redoxon, Berocca, Elevit, Bepanthen, Citracal, One a Day and more.

“Bayer is one of the top consumer health companies in the world. Our balanced portfolio includes strong brands in the key self- care categories. We are also committed to the continuous innovation on the digital trend and e-commerce business” said Richard He, Vice President, Head of Marketing & Innovation, Bayer Consumer Health China. “It is essential that we provide more high quality products to consumers, which is why we chose to work with JD.com, which is very trustworthy for its zero tolerance to counterfeits and high quality of service.”

“Bayer is synonymous with excellence and safety and we are delighted to add them to our roster of high-quality products ranging from healthcare to fashion,” Ting Qi said. “We expect our customers to flock to Bayer products and we will work to give them the resources they need to get seen on our site.”

In addition to Bayer, JD Worldwide announced it will deepen its ties with 10 baby and maternal brands through the launch of direct sales flagship stores, including Unicharm, ChildLife, Earth’s Best and Friso, to satisfy the strong demand of Chinese consumers on baby and maternal products.

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