Aug 24, 2020|

What Can An Intelligent Toilet Do? Just Talk to It!


By Vivian Yang


The bathroom is poised to become smarter thanks to a raft of high-tech fixtures. With the integration of an intelligent speaker, are you ready to talk to your toilet?

On August 15th, Jomoo, a famous bathroom brand in China, unveiled a new intelligent toilet. The ZS510T is a Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) product designed with JD’s product research team and tailored to JD customers’ needs.

Remote control stood out as a key function from customers’ feedback. So, this time Jomoo integrated JD’s IoT home system “JD Whale” into its fully-automated toilet product. Through JD Whale’s AI speaker or its app control, users can complete a hands-free bathroom experience by giving directives such as controlling the toilet cover, flushing with varying degrees of water pressure, initiating personalized cleansing and drying modes, and adjusting water and seat temperatures.

JD app opend in a phone

Sales of the JD Whale-embedded new intelligent toilet exceeded RMB 1 million yuan on launch day, ranking at the top of the list of most popular bathroom items on JD. Near 700,000 people watched the livestream session on the day, with over 400,000 interactions.  On August 15th, Jomoo’s overall transaction volume increased by 500% year-on-year, with its brand and store both becoming the No.1 in JD’s bathroom and kitchen category.

In addition to these core functions, the AI-powered toilet can get even more meticulous: like automated lower-flow flush for men’s use that can save water and save them from having to bend down to flush. A special intensive washing function is built in for people with constipation. The toilet will also sense when someone is coming and automatically moisten the bowl so it is easy to flush away all the dirt after use.

toilet will also sense when someone is coming and automatically moisten the bowl

“I’ve never imagined to feel so happy after using the intelligent toilet,” a Gen-Z user described with full excitement after using the intelligent toilet for the first time. “Look at these automated cover-flipping, flushing, cleansing and drying functions. It makes every trip to the toilet feel like a trip to the spa. No more cold toilet seat in the winter, no more germ-ridden seat. I feel my whole body is liberated. I’m on top of the world!”

Jomoo's Intelligent toilet and JD Whale smart speaker

Jomoo’s Intelligent toilet and JD Whale smart speaker

A spokesperson from Jomoo said that data shows that most of the customers of intelligent toilets are under the age of 35. They fancy high-tech and futuristic products in their homes and hope to live higher quality lives. “Through this kind of C2M project with JD, we have explored a more effective and precise approach to better serve these customers.”