Mar 7, 2022|

When Ask a Vet Online, JD Pet Hospital’s Response Amazed Pet Owners


by Vivian Yang

As he sought guidance on easing his dog’s itchy ears, Mr. Meng, a dog owner from  Zhengzhou city in Henan province, never expected to receive a hand-drawn sketch from the telemedicine vet showing step-by-step instructions for cleaning his pet’s ears.

“The doctor’s sketch was so vivid, a genuine piece of art work.” exclaimed Meng. He posted the drawing on the internet recently and it went viral on social media on World Hearing Day, which falls on March 3rd.

Dr. Wu’s sketch shows instructions for cleaning dogs’ ears

The “artist,” Dr. Wu, a registered vet on JD Pet Hospital, said that drawing is an effective way to communicate with pet owners online, giving them easy-to-follow visual guidance.

“I’m getting a lot of online consultations about pet eye and ear care, as well as medicine administration methods, not just for cats and dogs, but also for parrots, lizards, frogs, and other exotic pets,” Wu said, adding that he’s enrolled in sketch classes to better his sketching skills.

“I found my drawing a helpful way to popularize pet-care knowledge and I believe our internet hospital may bring more convenient and reassuring service for pet owners,” he continued.

JD Pet Hospital provides online-to-offline healthcare services for pets based on JD Health telemedicine and JD Pet’s products and services resources. Since its launch in October 2021, over 5,000 veterinarians have joined the platform, providing timely online support for pet owners through messaging, images, voice and video conferencing.

The platform has recently introduced online consultation packages that allow users to interact with vets online multiple times at a favorable rate.

JD Pet Hospital’s online consultation package

According to a white paper on China’s pet industry published by iResearch, a consulting firm, by the end of 2021, there are more than 68.4 million pet owners in China’s urban areas, up by 8.7% from 2020, who generated a pet market worth over RMB 249 billion yuan (US$40 billion), with pet medical treatment accounting for nearly 30 percent of the market, making it the second largest segment after pet food.