Mar 8, 2022|

Diverse Job Opportunities at Benefit Fresh Graduates and Many Others


by Mengyang He and Yiming Yan announced on March 7th that 20 million people have benefited from employment driven by will have 20,000 job openings for the Class of 2022. has a broad range of business lines and offers a variety of positions and career pathways for different groups of people based on local conditions, promoting a diverse talent structure. Simultaneously, encourages the modernization of physical industries by empowering technology and services to physical stores, small and medium-sized businesses, and new farmers, indirectly driving the employment of nearly 20 million people.

For fresh graduates has opened 358 types of positions for fresh graduates in the past 4 years, which is the largest scale in the industry, providing nearly 60,000 employment opportunities, and that number has increased steadily.

For a long time, has spared no effort in investing in talents. When compared to the same period last year, college graduates’ salaries will rise by up to 35 percent in 2022. has also set up a tailored training mechanism for fresh graduates.

According to the data of in 2021, nearly 50 percent of fresh graduates have been promoted, and 25 percent of fresh graduates have been promoted twice in a row; nearly 80 percent of post-90s technical majored graduates have rapidly grown and become experts, and an increasing number of young people born post-1990-95s are joining management positions and becoming the core asset of the company.

For rural areas

As of now, more than 80 percent of JD Logistics’ frontline personnel are from rural areas. supports a high-quality life for over 200,000 rural families and over 1 million rural residents by offering stable income and perks to employees. In terms of local employment, more than 60 percent of JD Logistics’ front-line employees work in their home provinces.

Since the launch of the JD Rural Revitalization “March to Rich Plan” in October 2020, has docked over 1,000 agricultural specialties and industrial zones, covering a large number of rural origin products, driving rural areas to achieve RMB 320 billion yuan in output value.

For better life

According to data from JD Logistics’ 2021 interim report, JD Logistics’ compensation and benefit expenses for frontline employees reached RMB 17.2 billion yuan in half a year, and the monthly compensation and benefit expenses for a frontline employee exceeded RMB 11,000 yuan.

Over the years, JD Logistics has insisted on providing five insurances and housing fund for frontline employees, as well as additional commercial insurance, special environmental subsidies, and Covid-19 insurance, among others, as well as industry-competitive salary and benefits.

JD Logistics also provides a wide range of career development opportunities for its employees, while providing frontline staff with improved perks and a better working environment. Since 2014, has collaborated with renowned schools to launch projects such as “Go college at,” which supports frontline employees in continuing their education and provides student funds for employees with exceptional performances and families with challenges to realize their university dreams.

Besides the frontline staff, has considerable input in driving employment within its own ecosystem. With JD’s supply chain and technological support, a huge number of people are integrating their lives and careers into the towns and villages. Among these, through JD’s omni-channel business, has connected 3.67 million physical stores covering a variety of businesses, such as pharmacies, specialty stores, auto repair shops, flower shops, and so on.