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Update: Everything You Need to Know About JD Health


Note: This page is meant to serve as a repository of key information on JD Health, and will be updated regularly.  

by Vivian Yang

JD Health is the healthcare subsidiary of  JD started to provide healthcare services in 2014, and launched JD Health in 2017,  which started independent operation in May 2019 and has been successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) on December 8 2020 with the ticker 6618.HK. Led by Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, its current business scope covers medical and health e-commerce, internet-based medical service, intelligent hospital solutions, and consumer healthcare services.

Crunchbase ranked JD Health as the second-highest valued new unicorn globally in 2019. In August 2020, Hurun named the less than three-year-old company as the youngest unicorn on the Global Unicorn Index 2020. During the coronavirus outbreak, JD Health’s telemedicine services were frequently highlighted in international media coverage from Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the Associated Press and others.

JD Health’s products and services cover the entire pharmaceutical industry chain, and the complete medical process, health management scenarios, and life cycle of users, aiming to build the most comprehensive “Internet + Healthcare” ecosystem in the industry.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health

Leveraging’s core strength of supply chain, JD Health has become a leading pharmaceutical retailer in China, with extensive presence in B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business) and O2O (Online-to-Offline) services.

JD Pharmacy, JD Health’s online B2C pharma e-commerce platform, offers customers a comprehensive selection of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and equipment available in China and ensures authenticity and quality through innovative cooperations with merchants and brand partners.

JD Health’s B2B platform known as JD Medicine Procurement has grown into a comprehensive online pharmaceuticals trading platform that covers the nationwide pharmaceutical industry with over 170,000 pharmaceutical retailers.

Through nationwide collaboration with more than 200,000 offline pharmacies in over 200 cities, JD offers a 30-minute fast drug delivery service for its online users.

JD Health provides online-to-offline medicine delivery services

JD Health provides online-to-offline medicine delivery services

With the goal of letting more people access high-quality medical resources, especially for those living in China’s lower-tier cities where medical services are relatively weak and patients of chronic diseases who need constant health management. This year, JD Health stepped up its effort in building online hospitals amid the coronavirus outbreak. So far, the company has opened 16 specialized medical centers online, including a Respiratory Center, a Diabetes Center, a Hepatology Center, an Oral Care Center, a Spine Care Center, a Foot and Ankle Center, a ENT (ear, nose and throat) Center, a General Medicine Center, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation Center and more.

A number of distinguished doctors in China have joined the platform, such as TCM master Xuemin Shi, Diangui Li,  Runsan Xu, cardiologist Hu Dayi, otorhinolaryngologist Demin Han and more. 

The “family doctor” telemedicine services program launched this August is tailor-made to provide timely, consistent and comprehensive primary healthcare support for Chinese families. It targets serving over 50 million Chinese families in the next five years.

JD Health's full-time telemedicine doctors at work

JD Health’s full-time telemedicine doctors at work

JD Health offers a variety of consumer healthcare services, such as making appointments for health check-ups, vaccination, nucleic acid tests, medical cosmetology and more.

JD Health and Huaxi second hospital of Sichuan University jointly built an AI-powered customer service robot system to enhance patient consultation interaction experience and triage accuracy and efficiency. At present, the triage accuracy has reached more than 80%. With AI self-learning, a more accurate triage rate will be achieved in the future.

Additionaly, JD Health uses an AI-integrated system called PharmCOO (“Pharma chief operating officer”) to optimize the clinical prescription process and improve patient safety.

An intelligent health screening robot developed by JD Health

An intelligent health screening robot developed by JD Health

Telemedicine has been thrust into spotlight since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China to cope with the unprecedented demands for healthcare resources. The pandemic helped drive Chinese consumer behavior changes and accelerated the digitalization of healthcare industry. JD Health embraced the change and empowered its partners through omnichannel solutions, lower-tier cities penetration, and integrating medical services with products to bring easy access to patients.

As of September 30, 2020, the platform had more than 65,000 doctors, including full-time doctors, who provided an average of over 90,000 medical consultations online on daily basis.  In 2020, the number of daily medical consultations on the platform has been  ten  times that of the same period in 2019.

With the constant introduction of the Chinese government’s policies to promote internet healthcare, JD Health can further bring its technological advantages to bear. It has partnered with an increasing number of hospitals and public health institutions to develop digital and intelligent solutions.

A livestream event with renowned doctors hosted by JD Health 

A livestream event with renowned doctors hosted by JD Health 

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The young company has already made many contributions to society. During the fight against COVID-19, in addition to generous donations and efforts to source medical supplies, JD Health offered free online medical consultation services and psychological care hotlines to people in China and abroad, and created a charity platform for chronic disease patients to maintain their drug supplies.

In 2020, JD Health joined China’s largest medicine subsidies project for impoverished households and partnered with a charity foundation to explore the use of telemedicine and intelligent medical equipment to treat unprivileged patients of pneumoconiosis.

To bridge the digital gap for the aging population, JD pharmacies have been providing a number of thoughtful assistance for the elderly people.


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