Sep 27, 2020|

JD Launches Livestream Base in Xi’an


by Ling Cao

JD has launched a livestream base in Xi’an, focused on helping traditional enterprises and local merchants go digital. The announcement was made on September 25th, concurrently with the news of the formation of the short-video e-commerce livestream committee of the Shaanxi E-commerce Industry Association.

The function of this base is to create a concentrated hub of livestream resources, including enterprise resources, livestream talent and more. JD has also kicked off a livestream contest which will last from September 25th to October 30th. Ahead of the contest, JD will invite livestream coaches to train 100 shortlisted contestants.

Sixteen MCN (Mutli-Channel Network, meaning organizations that work with video platforms to offer various forms of support to a channel owner) from media and companies have already cooperated with livestream base.

A representative from the program at JD Cloud & AI said, “In order to accelerate traditional enterprises getting up and running with digital development, the livestream base will combine JD’s resources and technology advantages to foster diversified development.”