Mar 30, 2020|

AP: JD Health in Photos


by Ella Kidron

The Associated Press has published a collection of photos on JD Health and its online consultation platform. JD launched the platform for free early on in the COVID-19 outbreak in China, and has since made a bilingual Chinese-English version available for free worldwide. Since the launch, the global platform has received more than 100,000 overseas consultation requests, including 5,200 in English.

Associated Press photo collection on JD Health

One of the photos captures JD CEO Xin Lijun in his office at JD headquarters during a video interview with AP. Xin explained that during COVID-19, due to the fact that many people across the country went into self-isolation, it is not always convenient to go to the doctor in person. Online medical services like the consultation platform have served as key resources during the epidemic, helping patient understand their symptoms and manage their chronic illnesses remotely.

Other photos in the collection capture full-time doctors at work in their offices at JD. In one of them, Dr. Xu Siying, one of JD Health’s full-time doctors, is taking notes as she consults with a patient by phone. Crowded hospitals can mean that patients might only have a few minutes each with the doctor, but with the online service, patience can continue to ask follow up questions. Dr. Xu consults hundreds of patients per day, often holding multiple ongoing text conversations simultaneously.

The full collection of photos is available for download (subscription required) on the AP website here.