Feb 6, 2024|

JD.com’s “Sending New Year’s Gifts to Villagers” Initiative Brightens Over 8,000 Areas in Rural China in One Week


As the Chinese New Year approaches on February 10, 2024, JD.com has launched its “Sending New Year’s Gifts to Villagers” campaign. This initiative aims to create an open platform within the JD app, enabling users to send special orders filled with New Year blessings to people in towns and villages, especially focusing on reaching underserved communities across China.

Since the campaign’s kickoff on January 29th, over one hundred brands and numerous philanthropists have actively contributed, delivering New Year’s goods to more than 8,000 towns and villages across China. JD’s app features an interactive map highlighting each benefited area, fostering a sense of community and shared joy.

The campaign also encourages JD users to share personal stories and wishes for gifts, aiming to increase awareness and support for those in need. For example, a heartfelt request from user Xiao Le for respiratory relief products for a nursing home was quickly fulfilled with the support of JD Health, demonstrating the platform’s commitment to responsive and impactful aid.

Leading by example, Richard Liu, the Founder and Chairman of JD.com, placed the first order of the campaign, sending 2,600 BOSIDENG down jackets and New Year gift boxes to his hometown in Guangming Village, Suqian, Jiangsu. This spirit of generosity has been echoed by figures such as BOSIDENG’s Gao Dekang, actor Shen Teng, and author Zhou Guoping, who have contributed significantly to their hometowns and other communities in need.

Numerous brands, including Biostime, Bear, Coca-Cola, Deli, Disney, Fotile, MICHELIN, Midea, Newman, OPPO, Swisse, Vivo, and Xiaomi, have played an active role in this campaign.

As the exclusive interactive partner for China Media Group’s Spring Festival Gala 2024  JD.com will offer viewers the chance to win a variety of gifts through mobile interactions on JD’s app. These gifts include 100 million physical items, exclusive car and house usage rights, and other exciting surprises.

This year also marks the 12th consecutive year of JD Logistics providing uninterrupted services during the Chinese New Year period. Covering over 2,000 counties and cities nationwide, JD Logistics ensures the timely receipt of New Year’s goods distributed during the campaign, as well as processing other orders seamlessly.