Beijing Leader Encourages to Continue Its Virus-Fighting Efforts

Beijing Leader Encourages to Continue Its Virus-Fighting Efforts

by Martin Li

Beijing Party chief, Cai Qi, encouraged to continue its efforts in fighting coronavirus during his inspection of the company’s headquarters in Yizhuang, Beijing, on Feb.18.

“ is a well-known e-commerce and high tech enterprise. The company has been playing an active role in fighting the virus through its continuous delivery and smart technologies,” said Cai, who was accompanied by Chairman and CEO, Richard Liu.

Cai encouraged the company to continue to take full advantage of its strengths in logistics, warehousing and technology to ensure delivery of medical supplies and daily necessities.

Cai also praised the company’s protective measures for employees in the office. had allocated almost RMB one billion to the course of fighting the epidemic as of Feb.13. In another effort, the company has announced subsidies exceeding RMB 200 million to 250,000 merchants on its platform. The subsidies include commission reduction and support in finance, logistics and technology.



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