Aug 6, 2020|

Enterprises Move from Export Business to Domestic Sales with JD’s Help


by Ling Cao

En Bao is a classic toy company in Shantou, Guangdong province, focused purely on exports with no experience in selling to the domestic market in China. During COVID-19, it faced challenges such as cancellation of orders, inventory backlog, and poor cash flow. Jingxi, JD’s social e-commerce platform, has helped En Bao to tackle these problems by providing support in areas such as product selection, packaging, and pricing. En Bao’s situation has improved through the cooperation. In two weeks, 20,000 items new products jointly selected by JD and En Bao have been sold.

Jingxi has provided various types of help for merchants, covering e-commerce experience, livestreams, C2M and more. In two months since the middle of April, over 10,000 merchants who previously focus on the export business have joined the platform. During June 1-17th, orders from these merchants increased over 100% compared with same period in May. Merchants are mainly from Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang, covering apparel, electronics and home furnishings.

Liyuan Sheng produces mobile phone accessories, and has focused on offline for more than 20 years. The company kicked off its e-commerce business with Jingxi, transitioning part of its export business to the domestic market. During the 618 Grand Promotion, orders surpassed 110,000, increasing 251% compared with the same period the previous month.

A JD representative said, “Jing Xi plans to launch a new round of the program to help merchants transition their export business to the domestic market, and further help them to deal with challenges during this transition.”