Dec 1, 2020|

From Livestream to Intelligent City: JD Takes Steps to Support Jiujiang’s Digital Transformation


by Vivian Yang

“I’m Rao Guanliang, deputy director of Jiujiang Bureau of Commerce. I’m glad to be with you today in this studio.” In a two-hour livestreaming event on JD Live on November 27th, Rao acted as a salesman for his city Jiujiang of Jiangxi province, interacting tirelessly with over 1.53 million online viewers as he promoted the city’s culture, tourism, food and specialty products.

This show was the eighteenth session of the Jiujiang livestream festival hosted by JD Cloud & AI since October 18th to support the promotion and branding of local agricultural produce. During this year, hundreds of local government officials like Rao have leveraged the “cloud channel” to boost their local economies after the pandemic.

“With professional operation support by JD Cloud & AI, we established a Jiujiang Pavilion on, which turned to be a very effective sales channel for our local specialties, many of which are poverty-alleviation products, such as our hairy crabs, salted duck eggs, yams, and chrysanthemum,” said Rao.

Lucky draws, flash sales, gift giving… activities came quickly and frequently during the livestream show to keep net users highly engaged on the platform. While the benefit to customers is clear, this format of selling is also beneficial for the products’ brand awareness across the country.

Livestreaming is part of the Jiujiang project of JD Cloud & AI. Established this October, the project plans to create a digital economy industrial park in Jiujiang, providing new infrastructure and technological support to foster local business growth and innovation.

“JD Cloud & AI positions ourselves as the most industry-savvy digital economy service enterprise,” said Peinuan Wang, head of public affairs at JD Cloud & AI,  at JD Discovery 2020, JD’s annual technology summit on November 27th. “We hope to become cities’ partners in building their new infrastructure.”

Jiujiang is located at the intersection of the three major economic development belts of the Yangtze River, Poyang Lake and Beijing-Kowloon Railway. Leveraging livestreaming as the “vanguard” project, JD Cloud & AI’s Jiujiang project aims to provide its technologies to vitalize local enterprises and help local economies’ digital and intelligent transformation.