Jul 2, 2020|

It’s One of JDC’s Goals to Empower Offline Retailers in Thailand: CMO


by Martin Li

It’s one of JD CENTRAL’s goals to empower offline businesses to go online in Thailand, the company’s CMO Rvisra Chirathivat, said in a recent online discussion with AppsFlyer, a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform headquartered in San Francisco.

JD CENTRAL is the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com and Central Group.

When it comes to building an online presence, “small offline businesses have limitations on knowledge, resources or even time. JD CENTRAL can provide fast solutions with the combined resources of JD.com and Central Group,” said Chirathivat.

JD CENTRAL is the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com and Central Group.

In the face of the COIVD-19 pandemic, JD CENTRAL has been sparing no effort to help offline businesses in Thailand to weather the difficult time. One of its latest efforts is to join a national initiative to help local famers sell fruit online.

To support Thai farmers, JD CENTRAL promoted Thai fruits on its e-commerce platform, providing new sellers with benefits including commission waiver, free design service for virtual stores and free live chat customer service.

“This is the power of e-commerce,” she said.

Chirathivat also talked about bringing JD.com and Central Group together to found JD CENTRAL less than two years ago.

“JD.com and Central Group share the same philosophy of building trust with customers by providing the best customer experience,” she said.

Both conglomerates saw the opportunity to bridge the trust gap for online platforms

“We want to build a platform to provide 100%  authentic products to customers in Thailand,” she said.

“JD CENTRAL focuses on building a strong foundation for the best customer experience,” she said.

JD CENTRAL has been striving to improve customer experience by means of selecting quality products, marketing analysis and a complete fulfillment mechanism.

“During the pandemic, we focus on what really matters and are able to serve customers when they really need us. Many offline businesses closed, so we worked harder to fulfill customer demands,” she said.

JD CENTRAL’s position as a platform providing 100% authentic products has been recognized by an increasing number of customers in Thailand.

More and more customers choose to buy big ticket items like TVs and refrigerators on JD CENTRAL,

because they trust the service, according to Chirathivat.

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